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⚠️ We are currently shipping orders as fast as possible. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing. We appreciate your patience. ⚠️
⚠️ We are currently shipping orders as fast as possible. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing. We appreciate your patience. ⚠️

2" Schedule 10 Seamless Pipe 321 Stainless - 4 Foot Length

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The Fabricator's Choice for Building Turbo Manifolds & Merge Collectors!

The Ace Race Parts brand of Schedule 10 321 Stainless Pipe is the perfect match for our Stainless Weld Els for fabricating turbo manifolds. Our 321 Stainless Pipe offers superior corrosion resistance in high temperature applications — especially applications that will see extended periods of wide open throttle (eg: a track car) or will see repeated high heat cycling (eg: a drag car that sees significant cooling between passes). With a slight addition of Titanium to stabilize the alloy at high temperatures, 321 Stainless is an excellent choice for turbo manifolds that will be exposed to high levels of heat over a prolonged period of time.

Are you looking for a compatible V-Band Assembly for 2" Nominal Pipe Size material? Our new 2.375" V-Band Assemblies are the perfect match!


  • 321 Stainless Steel
  • Seamless Construction — No Internal Weld Bead
  • Allows for a Smooth, Unobstructed Flow of Exhaust Gas
  • Durable Enough for a Wide Variety of Turbo Manifold Applications
  • Capable of Withstanding 1,600°F 
  • Manufactured to the ASTM A312 specification

304 Stainless vs 321 Stainless

One major chemical difference between 304 and 321 Stainless is the addition of Titanium (Ti) in 321 stainless to help "stabilize" the alloy and to reduce the risk of corrosion in the heat-affected zone. When 304 Stainless is heated above 1,292°F for an extended period of time it may suffer from weld decay. Weld decay is reduced by the addition of titanium, making 321 Stainless ideal for use in turbo exhaust manifolds and other exhaust products that see high levels of heat over prolonged periods of time. Although 304 Stainless is more than suitable for most turbo manifold and other exhaust applications, 321 Stainless is the superior choice for heat-related corrosion resistance.

Our 4-foot lengths of Stainless Pipe are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" nominal pipe size, wall thickness options including Schedule 5, Schedule 10, and Schedule 40, and in 304 Stainless and 321 Stainless. Our Pipe welds perfectly with our Stainless Weld Els and Stainless Steel Merge Collectors to create a variety of turbo manifold styles.