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What is the Centerline Radius (CLR) of a Bend?

Education Mandrel Bends Tight Radius Mandrel Bends

Centerline Radius of a Bend Example | Ace Race Parts

When fabricating a set of headers, a downpipe, or an exhaust one very critical dimension to pay attention to is the Centerline Radius of the bend. If the CLR of the bend is too "tight" or too "loose" for the application the end result might mean that the fabricated item may not fit the application properly, or it may mean that the inlet or outlet of the fabricated item will be way out of alignment.

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Tight Radius (1D Centerline Radius) 90° Mandrel Bends Available Now!

304 Stainless Mandrel Bends New Product News Tight Radius Mandrel Bends

Tight Radius 90-Degree Mandrel Bends | Ace Race Parts

Our 304 Stainless Steel 90° Mandrel Bends with 6" tangents are now available with a 1D Centerline Radius! Previously, our tightest radius mandrel bends were only available in the short, sanitary style format without any legs (tangents) on either side of the bend. Now, we're happy to be able to offer 1D CLR mandrel bends with 6" legs.

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Ace Race Parts's Brand of Oval Body Ultra Quiet Resonators Available Now!

304 Stainless New Product Product Release Resonators

Oval Body Ultra Quiet Style Exhaust Resonator | Ace Race Parts
Our new oval body style Ultra Quiet Resonators are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and feature a straight-thru designed 304 Stainless Steel Perforated Core for the ultimate performance and durability. Packed with a high quality multi-layer sound deadening material, our exhaust resonators help eliminate unwanted exhaust noise as well as helping to eliminate dreaded "exhaust drone."

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New Reducing V-Band Flanges and Assemblies Available Now!

New Product Product Release Reducing V-Band Assembly Reducing V-Band Flange V-Band Assembly V-Band Clamps and Flanges

Reducing V-Band Assembly | Ace Race Parts

If you're working with an application that requires a quick transition from one size to another look no further! Our all new Reducing V-Band Flanges and V-Band Assemblies are an affordable option that eliminates the need for additional transition reducers and other components by offering two matching tube sizes in a single V-Band Clamp.

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304 Stainless Steel Head Flanges for LS Motors Available Now!

304 Stainless Head Flanges New Product Product Release

LS Head Flanges 304 Stainless | Ace Race Parts
Are you looking for a high quality and affordable set of 304 Stainless Steel Head Flanges for your LS? Look no further!

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