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About Us

Ace Race Parts | Tumwater, Washington

Ace Race Parts is a Tumwater (Olympia), Washington based manufacturer and supplier of high quality fabrication components — serving OEM and aftermarket manufacturers and fabricators in the automotive, diesel, marine, and industrial industries. Supplying customers in over 30 countries, our capabilities and partnerships has helped grow our overall product line to support manufacturers and fabricators, including medium to high volume custom manufacturing, globally. With a wide variety of fabrication components in stock at our Tumwater warehouse, we offer same-day shipping and quick delivery times on in stock products.


In 2004, Ace Race Parts began as a separate division of a now unrelated industrial supply distributor to better serve automotive fabricators and manufacturers who were looking to find an affordable and reliable source for Weld Els, Pipe, Mandrel Bends, and Tube for a variety of automotive applications, such as turbo manifolds and exhaust systems. Noticing a need for affordable, high quality fabrication components beyond the already established product line, the company began focusing on ways to bring more products to the market while maintaining affordable prices.

After a decade of growing success and improving product additions, Ace Race Parts, Inc. was established as a new and independent company in 2014. This change allowed the company to focus solely on the manufacture and supply of high performance automotive, diesel, marine, and industrial fabrication components. Starting at this time, products like V-Band Clamps and Flanges, Exhaust and Turbo Flanges, Flex CouplingsFlex Bellows, 4-Ply Silicone Hose, Intercooler Cores, Weld Els, Pipe, Mandrel Bends, Tube, Merge Collectors, and O2 Sensor Bungs began being sold globally under the Ace Race Parts brand.

After 14 after years of being located in Santa Ana, California, Ace Race Parts moved to a new facility located in Olympia, Washington in December of 2018. The move has allowed the company to continue to focus on bringing new and exciting products to market, including an affordable line of Titanium components, Bottle Style and Ultra Quiet Resonators, AN FittingsFlex Hoses, Reducing V-Band Assemblies, 5-axis CNC machined Transition Turbo Flanges and more.


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