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T6 Undivided Turbo Inlet Flange Gasket - Ace Race Parts

T6 Turbo Undivided Inlet Flange Gasket

Brand: Ace Race Parts
In Stock: 96 Pieces
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Our T6 Turbo Undivided Inlet Flange Gaskets are made from 304 Stainless Steel and provide durability and longevity even under the toughest conditions. 

The bolt pattern of this T6 Undivided Flange Gasket is 4.5" x 2.75" and works with the following applications:

  • Generic T6 Turbine Inlets
    Note: may not be compatible with some BorgWarner applications
  • all Garrett GT47 / GTX47
  • all GT50 / GTX50
  • all GTX55
  • all GT60

Please be sure to verify the bolt pattern of your existing application before purchasing this T6 Undivided Turbine Inlet Flange Gasket.

Gasket Type T6 Inlet (Undivided)
Material Type 304L Stainless
Compatible Flange

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