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Ace Race Parts Stainless Steel Quick-Release V-Band Assembly with Male/Female Interlocking Flanges

3.000" V-Band Assembly "Male/Female" - 304 Stainless - Quick-Release Clamp

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Our Quick-Release V-Band Assemblies utilize a 304 stainless clamp and flanges. Our "Male/Female" flanges have an interlocking seating surface to ensure proper alignment during installation. The butt-weld side of the flanges offer a small groove that allows the flange and tube to be aligned better prior to welding. Each assembly includes one (1) t-bolt style clamp and two (2) interlocking flanges.

Please note: Our V-Band clamps are supplied with a nylon lock nut. This type of nut is a locking-style nut and is not intended to be used during mock-up. Attempting to thread, remove, and re-threaded the lock nut may cause damage to the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. In some cases, excessive force can damage and/or break the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. If you intend to use our clamps during the mock-up process please use a standard finished hex nut (non-locking).

Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due to the use of the locking-style nut during mock-up or removal.

Flange ID 3.000"
Flange OD 3.736"
Individual Flange Thickness (Single Flange) 0.845"
Clamp Bandwidth
Clamp Type V-Band, Quick Release T-Bolt
Material Type 304 Stainless


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