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T6 Turbo Divided Inlet Flange 304 Stainless (M10 x 1.5 Tapped Holes)

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This T6 Turbo Inlet Flange features a 4.500" x 2.750" bolt pattern and is compatible with Garrett and Garrett-based turbos that share this specific bolt pattern. However, it may NOT be compatible with BorgWarner or BorgWarner-based T6 turbos, as they utilize a 4.44" x 2.75" bolt pattern. For proper compatibility, please review the dimensional details of this flange and measure your existing turbo flange.


The Ace Race Parts brand of Turbo Inlet Flanges are precision machined from 1/2-inch thick 304 Stainless and will not warp or deform. Our Divided T6 Turbo Inlet Flange features M10 x 1.5 threaded bolt holes and can handle the extremely high exhaust temperatures of a turbo manifold.


  • 0.500" Thick, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Will Not Warp or Deform!
  • M10 x 1.5 Threaded Bolt Holes
  • Divided Inlet for Twin Scroll Applications

This T6 Divided Turbo Inlet Flange has a 4.500" x 2.750" bolt pattern and is compatible with the following applications:

  • Generic Garrett T6 Divided Turbine Inlets
  • Note: May NOT be compatible with some Borg Warner T6 Turbos, some VS Racing T6 Turbos, or some Forced Induction T6 Turbos. Turbos that utilize the Borg Warner 4.44" x 2.75" bolt pattern are NOT compatible with this flange.

Please be sure to verify the bolt pattern of your existing application before purchasing this Divided T6 Turbine Inlet Flange.