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Light Duty Spring Loaded T-Bolt Clamp 304 Stainless - For 2.000" ID Silicone (Clamping Range: 2.25" - 2.55")

Light Duty Spring Loaded T-Bolt Clamp 304 Stainless - For 2.500" ID Silicone (Clamping Range: 2.69" - 2.99")

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Ace Race Parts' Light Duty Spring Loaded Clamps are manufactured from 304 stainless steel to be a leak-free and corrosion-resistant option for securing silicone hoses in automotive, diesel, marine and industrial applications. Our T-Bolt Spring Loaded clamps are manufactured with smooth, rounded edges to ensure that they are safe enough to be used with soft hose materials. 

Each 304 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Spring Loaded Clamp is provided with a zinc plated lock nut to ensure that the nut is able to be secured in place without galling. Ace Race Parts' Spring Loaded T-Bolt Silicone Clamps are available in nominal sizes from 2.000" to 4.000" and will work in a wide variety of applications and environments.


  • Clamping Range: 2.69" - 2.99"
  • Matching Silicone Hose: 2.500" ID, 4-Ply
  • Recommended Torque: 50 in.-lbs [5.6N.m]
  • Spring Rate: 1900 lbs/in [12.5MPa], capable of generating a load of 300 lbs

Proper measurement is extremely important when it comes to selecting the proper size for your application. Please choose your T-Bolt Clamp based on your SILICONE HOSE ID SIZE. For example, if your applications requires a 2.000" ID Silicone Hose the this 2.000" T-Bolt Clamp is a suitable clamp for your application. If you are unsure of what size clamp you need please contact us.


Matching Silicone Size 2.500" ID
Clamping Range 2.69" - 2.99"
Material Type 304 Stainless
Spring Loaded Yes, Light Duty


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