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2.500" OD x 16ga (0.065") Round Tube - Polished OD - 321 Stainless - 2 Foot Length

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Ace Race Parts 321 Stainless Steel Tubing is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and is the highest quality and lowest price 321 Stainless Steel tubing available in the automotive, industrial, and marine markets today. Our 321 Stainless tube is manufactured to the ASTM A269 specification and offers a clean, high quality welding experience due to an extensive testing and inspection process prior to shipment. Our 321 Stainless tubing is an exceptional choice for high performance, lightweight, and high temperature exhaust systems and other automotive applications. 

321 Stainless tubing is available in outside diameter ranges from 1.500" to 3.000" and is available in convenient 2'-0" lengths. With a high quality brushed finish on the outside of the tube, our 321 Stainless tubing offers a high quality welding experience and is ensured to fit perfectly with our 321 Stainless Mandrel Bends, 304 Stainless V-Band Clamps & Flanges, 304 and 321 Stainless Flex Bellows and Flex Bellows, Stainless Bungs, and Stainless Exhaust Flanges


321 Stainless Steel, like 304 Stainless Steel, is a low carbon, chromium nickel alloy with good intergranular corrosion resistance. 304 Stainless has good corrosion resistance up to 1,562°F (850°C); whereas, 321 Stainless allows for a higher temperature limit, including long term exposure to high temperatures, up to 1,652°F (900°C) due to the addition of Titanium, which acts as a stabilizer. 321 Stainless Steel's main advantage over 304 Stainless Steel in high temperature environments is that 321 Stainless offers better resistance to stress fractures. This higher resistance to stress fractures has advantages in automotive applications where differences in the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (heat-related expansion and contraction which occurs at different rates) are greatest — typically between the engine and the manifold(s). 321 Stainless is better suited to handle this type of heat-related stress, as compared to 304 Stainless. While 304 Stainless is suitable for a wide variety of automotive applications, 321 Stainless is the superior choice for high temperature applications, and especially applications that see long term exposure to high temperatures like race cars, and offers a higher resistance to stress fractures and heat-related corrosion. For welding 321 Stainless Steel (including welding 321 Stainless to 304 Stainless) we recommend ER347 Filler Rod.


Outside Diameter 2.500"
Wall Thickness (Specified) 16ga (0.065")
Inside Diameter 
2.370" (approximately)
Length 24"
Pounds Per Foot (Specified) 1.706 Lbs/Ft
Finish 180 Grit Brushed
Specification ASTM A269