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3.000" Flex Bellow Assembly CP2 Titanium - Ace Race Parts

2.500" Flex Bellow Assembly CP2 Titanium

Brand: Ace Race Parts
$ 115.00

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Ace Race Parts 2.5" CP2 Titanium Flex Bellows are designed to allow for thermal expansion in high performance exhaust systems and other automotive applications. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility, Ace Race Parts Titanium Flex Bellows features a slip-fit design that will accomodate the matching Titanium Tube size to slip into the bellow and be welded in place. A 0.047" (1.2mm) thick 2-ply design ensures that the flex bellow can withstand extremely high exhaust gas temperatures. Unlike our 304 Stainless and 321 Stainless Flex Bellows, our CP2 Titanium Flex Bellows do not feature a solid inner liner and are not meant to withstand large degrees of axial movement

Ace Race Parts' 3" Titanium Flex Bellows offer a high quality welding experience at an affordable price and are perfect match for our Titanium Tube, Titanium V-Band Clamps & Flanges, Titanium Mandrel Bends, Titanium Pie Cuts, and Titanium Bungs. For the best welding experience, choose Ace Race Parts brand Titanium Welding Wire, available in both 0.039" (1mm) and 0.063" (1.6mm) diameters. 


Inlet/Outlet ID 2.500"
Overall Length 3.000"
Inner Liner No
Connection Type Slip Fit
Material CP2 Titanium




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