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1/4" NPT Female Weld Bung - Aluminum - Ace Race Parts

1/4" NPT Female Weld Bung - Aluminum

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Ace Race Parts NPT (Nominal Pipe Thread) Half Coupling Weld Bungs are available in size ranges from 1/8" NPT to 3/4" NPT in both 304 Stainless Steel and 6061 Aluminum. NPT Half Couplings are an affordable option for applications that require a "Butt-Weld x Thread" connection style.

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Pipe Size 1/4" (0.540")
Overall Outside Diameter 0.860"
Overall Length 0.662"
Connection Type Threaded x Butt-Weld
Connection Style Female NPT x Butt-Weld
Material Type 6061 Aluminum

What is Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)?

If you've worked with pipe much at all, you've probably noticed that the size of the pipe isn't really what size the pipe is. Unlike tubing, which is generally specified by its OD (outside diameter), or silicone hose, which is generally specified by its ID (inside diameter), pipe is specified by the industry designated size, or trade size. The first thing that all fabricators should know is that "Nominal Pipe Size", or NPS, is an industry designation, or "trade size", and it is does not reference the actual measured size of the material. Even the most experienced fabricators are sometimes confused by the industry's terminology and method of sizing.

Note: This pipe size material is only compatible with other pipe size material (pipe size weld els, tees, reducers, straight lengths, etc). Pipe size material is not compatible with stainless steel tube, tube fittings, or mandrel bends that are sized by the outside diameter.

Please be sure to verify that your selected pipe size meets the requirements of your project. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the compatibility of the items in their shopping cart. Ace Race Parts is not responsible for orders with mismatched, or incompatible, products.



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