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Our New Wholesale Account Application

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Applying for a wholesale account with us just got a whole lot easier!

Processing more than 30 new wholesale accounts per month via a scanned multi-page PDF was becoming a paperwork nightmare for us and the limitations of the previous method was wasting our customer's time. As of yesterday, we decided to step out of the dark-ages and into the future with our new wholesale account application process! Our previous application process meant that our customers needed access to a printer and a scanner and because we do not have a fax machine it was placing unnecessary stress on our customers. After much thought we decided that it would be much easier for our customers to submit the application via a simple form that allowed for file uploading (for EIN information, business licenses, and resale certificates). In turn, this will allow us to review and process applications more efficiently and quicker than before. We are very excited about this new process and we invite all qualifying businesses to submit their wholesale applications via our new application process. If you have any questions, or have trouble using the form, please contact us as soon as possible. 

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