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3.500" ID x 6" Long Flex Coupling (Interlock Liner) 304 Stainless | Ace Race Parts

3.500" ID x 6" Long Flex Coupling (Interlock Liner) 304 Stainless

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Our flex couplings with interlock liners are great for reducing vibration and stress in your exhaust system. These flex couplings feature a stainless braided on the exterior of the coupling and a interlock liner on the interior of the coupling as well as a flexible stainless bellow in the center. High performance and forced induction applications are recommended for this type of interlock liner flex coupling.

NOTE: These flex couplings feature an interlock style liner and are not intended to be used in turbo manifolds or applications where the flex coupling is positioned BEFORE the turbo(s). Due to the extreme heat created by the turbo(s) and/or the turbo manifold(s) the internal interlock portion can degrade and may damage the turbo. Ace Race Parts is not responsible for any damage caused by using this flex product in pre-turbo applications or if it is placed in the direct line of induction of the turbo(s). We highly suggest using Flex Bellows with a solid inner liner for pre-turbo applications, including turbo manifolds. 


Inlet/Outlet ID
Overall Length 6.000"
Connection Type Slip Fit
Liner Style Interlock Liner
Material Type 304 Stainless


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