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3.000" V-Band Clamp (for 3.750" OD Aluminum and Stainless Flanges) - 304 Stainless

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Are you looking for a replacement V-Band Clamp for our Aluminum and Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Flanges? If so, this V-Band Clamp is the right clamp for you! This V-Band Clamp, due to the dimensions, will not work with our "Standard" style Stainless V-Band Flanges (V-Band Flanges with SKUs starting with 220xxx are not compatible). 

This V-Band Clamp is a suitable replacement for, or compatible with, the following SKUs:

  • 12057 — 3.000" "Male + O-Ring" V-Band Flange 6061 Aluminum
  • 12067 — 3.000" "Female" V-Band Flange 6061 Aluminum
  • 12007 — 3.000" V-Band Assembly Aluminum (Replacement Clamp)
  • 22140 — 3.000" "Male" V-Band Flange 304 Stainless
  • 22156 — 3.000" "Female" V-Band Flange 304 Stainless
  • 22108 — 3.000" V-Band Assembly "Male/Female" 304 Stainless (Replacement Clamp) 

Ace Race Parts 304 3" Stainless Steel V-Band Clamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and feature a "Standard" T-Bolt style clamping mechanism to ensure a tight, leak-free seal. V-Band Clamps and V-Band Flanges are an affordable and durable type of clamping system that is suited for high performance automotive, diesel, marine and industrial applications.

Our 3" Stainless Steel V-Band Clamps are supplied with two types of nuts: a Zinc plated metal lock nut and a zinc plated non-locking hex nut. The Zinc plated lock nut ensures that your clamp stays locked in placed during harsh conditions on the street, strip, and track. The zinc plated non-locking hex nut is provided so that the clamp can be used in mock-up, fitment, and pre-installation situations where a lock nut is not required. The non-locking hex nut will not lock in place during use to ensure that the threaded portion of the clamp will not be damaged.


Bandwidth 0.750"
Clamp Type V-Band, Standard T-Bolt
Material Type 304 Stainless
Provided Fasteners
Metal Lock Nut (QTY: 1)
Non-Locking Nut (QTY: 1)
Fastener Size (Material)
5/16"-24 (Zinc Plated Steel)
Compatible "Male" Flange 12057
Compatible "Female" Flange 12067

Please note: Our 3-inch V-Band clamps are supplied with a metal lock nut and a standard non-locking hex nut. The metal lock nut is a locking-style nut and is not intended to be used during mock-up. Attempting to thread, remove, and re-thread the lock nut may cause damage to the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. In some cases, excessive force can damage and/or break the "T-Bolt" section of the 3" exhaust v-band clamp. If you intend to use our clamps during the mock-up process please use a non-locking hex nut.

Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due to the use of the locking-style nut during mock-up or removal. The thread pitch of our hex nuts, lock nuts and the threaded portion of the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp is 5/16"-24 (fine thread).



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