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⚠️ Due to high order volume, orders will ship in 2-3 business days. We appreciate your patience. ⚠️
⚠️ Due to high order volume, orders will ship in 2-3 business days. We appreciate your patience. ⚠️

3.000" OD x 0.047" (1.2mm) Long Radius (1.5D) Pie Cut CP1 Titanium (90° Bend - 6 Pieces Total)

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Product Dimension Info

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Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Pie Cuts are a high quality, affordable solution for complex high performance automotive applications. Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Pie Cuts are laser cut from CP1 Titanium tube that is manufactured to the ASTM B862 specification and offers a clean, high quality welding experience due to an extensive testing and inspection process prior to shipment. All Pie Cuts are deburred, cleaned, polished, and individually packaged to ensure that they arrive at your shop in perfect condition.

This 3.000" OD CP1 Titanium Pie Cut has a wall thickness of 0.047" (1.2mm) and a centerline radius (CLR) of 4.500" (1.5D). This Pie Cut is sold as a pack of 6 pieces, each piece in the package is cut to an overall angle of 15° (7.5° on each side), for a total bend angle of 90°.

Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Pie Cuts are available in outside diameter ranges from 2.500" to 4.000", with wall thickness options in both 0.039" (1mm) and 0.047" (1.2mm). 45° and 90° pie cut sets are available in Short Radius (1D) and Long Radius (1.5D) across all OD and wall thickness ranges.

Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Pie Cuts offer a high quality welding experience and is ensured to fit perfectly with our Titanium Mandrel Bends, Titanium V-Band Clamps & Flanges, Titanium Tube, and Titanium Bungs. For the best welding experience, choose Ace Race Parts brand Titanium Welding Wire, available in both 0.039" (1mm) and 0.063" (1.6mm) diameters.


Outside Diameter 3.000"
Wall Thickness (Specified) 0.047" (1.2mm)
Inside Diameter 2.906" (approximately)
Total Bend Degree 90°
Centerline Radius 4.500" (1.5D)
Angle Per Piece 15° Total, 7.5° Per Side
Pie Cut Quantity 6 Pieces Total (15° x 6 = 90°)
Finish Brushed Finish
Specification ASTM B862

CP1 Titanium, also know as Grade 4 Titanium, is strongest grade of all commercially pure titanium grades and combines extreme strength and toughness with excellent corrosive resistance. CP1 Titanium is the most common grade of titanium in the aerospace processing market and features outstanding ductility and corrosive resistance, including both wet and dry hot gases found in exhaust systems. CP1 Titanium has the highest strength of all commercially pure grades of Titanium and is competitive with Stainless Steel in regard to corrosive resistance but offers a significantly lighter weight due to the low density of Titanium. CP1 Titanium is the superior choice for high performance exhaust systems due to its corrosive resistance, heat resistance, and lightweight characteristics!