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2.000" V-Band Assembly "Male/Female" - Aluminum | Ace Race Parts

2.000" V-Band Assembly - Aluminum "Male + O-Ring/Female" Flanges, 304 Stainless Clamp

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Ace Race Parts Aluminum V-Band Assemblies are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum in an ISO 9001 certified facility and feature a 304 stainless V-Band Clamp, a "Male + O-Ring" style Aluminum V-Band Flange and a "Female" style Aluminum V-Band Flange. Aluminum V-Band Flanges and Clamps are an affordable and durable type of clamping system that is suited for high performance automotive, diesel, marine, and industrial applications.

The seating surface (the area where the two flanges meet) of our "Male+O-Ring/Female" interlocking style Aluminum V-Band Flanges utilize an interlocking flange design to create an air-tight, leak free seal. In extremely high temperature applications, where a Buna O-Ring will not be suitable, the interlocking style flange design allows for a leak free seal without the use of the O-Ring.

The weld side of our Aluminum V-Band Flanges are CNC machined with a counterbore to allow the matching tube size material to slip into the V-Band Flange and be welded in place with proper alignment. The V-Band Flange's counterbore is machined to be 0.065" wide and allows for the inside diameter (ID) of 16 gauge wall thickness tube to align perfectly with the ID of the V-Band Flange without any restrictions or reductions.

Each Aluminum V-Band Assembly includes:

  • 304 Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp [Quantity: 1]
  • "Male + O-Ring" Aluminum V-Band Flange [Quantity: 1]
  • "Female" Aluminum V-Band Flange [Quantity: 1]


Flange Material Type Aluminum
Matching Tube Size
Flange OD 2.735"
Single Flange Apex Width 0.137"
Overall Flange Height 0.790"
Clamp Material Type
304 Stainless
Clamp Type
V-Band, T-Bolt
Clamp Bandwidth 0.750"

Please note: Our V-Band clamps are supplied with a metal lock nut and a non-locking hex nut. The metal lock nut is a locking-style nut and is not intended to be used during mock-up. Attempting to thread, remove, and re-thread the lock nut may cause damage to the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. In some cases, excessive force can damage and/or break the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. If you intend to use our clamps during the mock-up process please use a non-locking hex nut.

Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due to the use of the locking-style nut during mock-up or removal.



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