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V-Band Clamp, Stainless V-Band Clamp, Exhaust Band Clamp - Ace Race Parts

1.750" V-Band Clamp - Standard T-Bolt - (For 2.375" OD Flanges) - 304 Stainless

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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V-Band Clamp Sizing Information: Our V-Band Clamp sizing is in reference to the intended matching tube size diameter, not the clamping range of the clamp itself. This specific V-Band Clamp is intended to be used with 1.750" ID V-Band Flanges (matching tube size: 1.750" OD) and will accept V-Band Flanges with an overall OD of 2.375". For a detailed chart of our V-Band Flange and Clamp dimensions, click hereIf you need assistance in finding a matching V-Band Clamp for an existing application please review our "How To Measure A V-Band Flange" information here: How to Measure a V-Band Flange.

Ace Race Parts' 304 Stainless Steel 1.75" exhaust band clamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and feature a "Standard" T-Bolt style clamping mechanism to ensure a tight, leak-free seal. V-Band Clamps and V-Band Flanges are an affordable and durable type of clamping system that is suited for high performance automotive, diesel, marine and industrial applications. 

Ace Race Parts' brand of 304 Stainless Steel V-Band Clamps are specifically made for our 304 Stainless and Mild Steel V-Band Flanges. Due to flange thickness differences, Standard T-Bolt Style V-Band Clamps are not compatible with our Aluminum, Aluminum/Stainless Combination, and Quick Release Style V-Band Clamps, Flanges or Assemblies. 


Clamp Material Type
304 Stainless
Compatible V-Band Flange OD
Matching Tube Size (OD)
Clamp Bandwidth 0.750"
Clamp Type V-Band, Standard T-Bolt
Fastener Size 1/4"-28
Provided Fasteners
Metal Lock Nut (QTY: 1)
Non-Locking Nut (QTY: 1)
Compatible "Male" Flange 22035
Compatible "Female" Flange 22051

NOTE: Our V-Band Clamps are supplied with two types of nuts: a Zinc plated metal lock nut and a zinc plated non-locking hex nut. The Zinc plated lock nut ensures that your clamp stays locked in placed during harsh conditions on the street, strip, and track. The zinc plated non-locking hex nut is provided so that the clamp can be used in mock-up, fitment, and pre-installation situations where a lock nut is not required. The non-locking hex nut will not lock in place during use to ensure that the threaded portion of the clamp will not be damaged. 

Disclaimer: Our 1-3/4-inch V-Band clamps are supplied with a lock nut and a standard non-locking hex nut. The metal lock nut is a locking-style nut and is not intended to be used during mock-up. Attempting to thread, remove, and re-thread the lock nut may cause damage to the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp. In some cases, excessive force can damage and/or break the "T-Bolt" section of the 1.75" exhaust v-band clamp. If you intend to use our clamps during the mock-up process please use a non-locking hex nut.

Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due to the use of the locking-style nut during mock-up or removal. The thread pitch of our hex nuts, lock nuts and the threaded portion of the "T-Bolt" section of the clamp is 1/4"-28 (fine thread).



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