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New Wastegate and Turbo Flanges Available Now!

New Wastegate and Turbo Flanges Available Now!

T3 Turbo Inlet Flange Threaded Holes Stainless Steel Mild Steel

Ace Race Parts' new lines of Turbo Inlet Flanges and Wastegate Flanges are now available! Our Turbo Inlet Flanges come in both 304 Stainless Steel and 1018 Mild Steel, and are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. This certification ensures a clean, high-quality welding experience.


Laser-cut and CNC machined from 1/2" thick 304 Stainless Steel or 1018 Mild Steel plate, Ace Race Parts' Turbo Inlet Flanges offer an affordable and durable solution for common turbo applications such as T3, T4 (Divided and Undivided), and T6 (Divided and Undivided). These turbo flanges are available with standard M10 x 1.5 tapped (threaded) holes. Each turbo flange is meticulously cleaned, free of burrs or other defects, and stored in an individually sealed, air-tight package. The Mild Steel flanges are coated with machine oil to prevent rust and other forms of corrosion, and they are also sealed in the same air-tight packaging.


We are now offering a line of direct replacement inlet and outlet flanges for both TiAL and Turbosmart Wastegates, CNC machined from solid billet 304 Stainless Steel. Our line of TiAL Sport-compatible Wastegate Flanges includes both Inlet and Outlet Flange options for the 38mm MV-S, 44mm MV-R, and 60mm V60 TiAL Wastegates. Additionally, our line of Turbosmart-compatible Wastegate Flanges features both Inlet and Outlet Flange options for the 40mm Comp-Gate, 45mm Hyper-Gate, 50mm Pro-Gate, and 60mm Power-Gate Turbosmart Wastegates.

At Ace Race Parts, we are proud to offer high-quality, direct replacement flanges. Each piece is expertly CNC machined in an ISO 9001 certified facility, ensuring precision and adherence to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellence is matched by our dedication to affordability, making our flanges an ideal choice for both quality and value.

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