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New Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies Available Now!

New Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies Available Now!

Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies Now Available from Ace Race Parts

You asked for them and now we have them ...
Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies are available now!

Our all new Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies utilize a 304 Stainless Steel clamp, a "Male + O-Ring" style Aluminum Flange and a "Female" style 304 Stainless flange.

Our "Male + O-Ring/Female" flanges have an interlocking seating surface, including an all new "Male + O-Ring" design to ensure proper alignment during installation, along with a leak-free seal during use in all conditions. The butt-weld side of the flanges offer a small groove that allows the flange and tube to be aligned better prior to welding. Each assembly includes one (1) standard T-bolt Style Clamp, one (1) "Male + O-Ring" style Aluminum Flange, and one (1) "Female" style 304 Stainless Steel Flange. 

Our all new "male + o-ring" style Aluminum V-Band Flange Our 304 Stainless Steel "Female" Style V-Band Flange

Along with our new combination v-band assemblies we are now shipping our all new high-temperature non-nylon lock nuts. All of our v-band assemblies, including both our standard t-bolt style and quick-release style clamps, come with a standard finish hex nut, a non-locking nut meant for mock-up and testing, a standard nylon lock nut (nylock), and our new high-temperature zinc plated non-nylon lock nuts. You can be sure that you will have all of the nuts required to test, mock-up, and install our v-band assemblies without needing to dig through your inventory or tool box for spare parts. 

New High Temperature V-Band Clamp Lock Nuts

Below is a list of our current and near-future (in production now) Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assemblies. If you are looking for a size or material combination that we do not yet offer we are able to accommodate custom size and material requirements with very low quantity requirements. Please contact us directly should you require a custom, or unique, combination v-band assembly. 

12005-1 2.500" Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assembly August 2017
3.000" Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assembly
In Stock
3.500" Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assembly
In Stock
4.000" Aluminum/Stainless Combination V-Band Assembly
August 2017 
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