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CP1 Titanium Reducers Available Now!

CP1 Titanium Reducers Available Now!

Titanium Exhaust Reducer Transition | Ace Race Parts


Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Reducers are precision formed in an ISO 9001 certified facility and are a high quality, cost effective solution for high performance automotive, aerospace, and industrial customers. 

Ace Race Parts CP1 Titanium Reducers are available in outside diameter ranges from 2.500" to 4.000" and feature a high quality brushed finish. Our CP1 Titanium reducers offer a high quality welding experience and is ensured to fit perfectly with our Titanium Mandrel BendsTitanium V-Band Clamps & FlangesTitanium Pie CutsTitanium Flex Bellows, Titanium Bungs, and Titanium Flanges. For the best welding experience, choose Ace Race Parts brand Titanium Welding Wire.

Short Style Titanium Exhaust Transition | Ace Race Parts


CP1 Titanium, also know as Grade 4 Titanium, is strongest grade of all commercially pure titanium grades and combines extreme strength and toughness with excellent corrosive resistance. CP1 Titanium is the most common grade of titanium in the aerospace processing market and features outstanding ductility and corrosive resistance, including both wet and dry hot gases found in exhaust systems. CP1 Titanium has the highest strength of all commercially pure grades of Titanium and is competitive with Stainless Steel in regard to corrosive resistance but offers a significantly lighter weight due to the low density of Titanium. CP1 Titanium is the superior choice for high performance exhaust systems due to its corrosive resistance, heat resistance, and lightweight characteristics! 


75004 3.000" OD x 2.500" OD 0.039" (1mm) Reducer CP1 Titanium 1.188" Long Overall Length $29.00
3.500" OD x 3.000" OD 0.039" (1mm) Reducer CP1 Titanium 1.188" Long Overall Length
75006 4.000" OD x 3.000" OD 0.039" (1mm) Reducer CP1 Titanium 2.375" Long Overall Length $39.50
4.000" OD x 3.500" OD 0.039" (1mm) Reducer CP1 Titanium 2.375" Long Overall Length
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