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Vibrant Universal Catch Can - Anodized Black (12689) - Ace Race Parts

Vibrant Universal Catch Can - Anodized Black (12689)

Brand: Vibrant Performance
$ 102.38

/ each

Vibrant Performance offers the most versatile universal catch can on the market. Made entirely from T6061 aluminum, it is suitable for various types of service: Oil, Fluid (i.e. Coolant) and even Vacuum.

Our 3" O.D. x 8.250" long catch can is designed to suit virtually any application but the cannister can be cut down if necessary to accommodate the available space in your engine bay. The top end cap features a pressure fit design which can be removed if you wish to shorten the cannister. The bottom end cap now threads on for added security. Both end caps feature multiple tapped ports for ultimate flexibility (plugs are supplied for unused ports).

Our unique mounting bracket allows you numerous options for installing your Catch Can.

Included are 2 threaded One-Touch elbow fittings and a 8" length of clear polyethylene tubing to act as a fluid level gauge.

* Each end cap also features a port tapped for 3/4" NPT fittings, perfect for running a breather filter off your catch can.
* The circumference of each end cap features 6 threaded ports, tapped for 1/2" NPT fittings.
* Bottom end cap now threads on for added security. O-ring included to ensure a leak free seal.
* All Vibrant Performance Catch Cans include a unique mounting bracket that provides the installer enormous flexibility when trying to determine the best way to mount the Catch Can in a vehicle's engine bay.



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