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Vibrant Race Muffler 5.0" Inlet x 9" Long 304 Stainless (1799)

Vibrant Race Muffler 5.0" Inlet x 9" Long 304 Stainless (1799)

Brand: Vibrant Performance
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Vibrant Performance Mufflers are constructed from T304 Stainless Steel. These 5-inch inlet outlet mufflers guarantee excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Lightweight and compact, Vibrant Mufflers feature a "True Straight Through" perforated core that is designed to significantly reduce noise levels without performance loss.

  • Vibrant's new 5" long race mufflers share all of the same features of the standard 9" long race mufflers and are intended for use on applications where space restrictions make it impossible to install a longer muffler. 
  • Vibrant Performance Race Mufflers are designed to help reduce noise levels produced by high performance vehicles and feature Vibrant's unrestricted "True Straight Through" perforated internals to avoid performance loss.
  • Tracks all over North America now require racers to install some form of sound reduction equipment on their race vehicles and Vibrant Race Mufflers are a great way to bring your vehicle into compliance.
  • Vibrant Performance 5-inch race mufflers are designed to comply with the rules and avoid performance loss!


Inlet Diameter 5.000"
Outlet Diameter 5.500"
Muffler Shape Round Body
Overall Length 9.000"
Material  304 Stainless


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