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Vibrant HD Weld Ferrules for 3.000" OD Tubing - CP2 Titanium (12586)

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Product Dimension Info

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The VanJen Clamping System is the latest in flexible, banded clamp connector solutions from Vibrant Performance. Each Vibrant CP2 Titanium VanJen HD Weld Pipe Ferrule is sold individually.

Vibrant VanJen HD Weld Ferrule CP2 Titanium

Vibrant 3.000" OD VanJen CP2 Titanium Weld Pipe Ferrules (Sold Individually) are machined entirely from CP2 Titanium. VanJen Weld Ferrules are an ideal solution for heavy duty Titanium charge piping. The high temperature gasket, included and installed on each flange, offers a leak-free seal.

Flange Size
3.000" HD Quick Release Clamp
3.000" Union Sleeve
3.000" HD Clamp Pin
3.000" Replacement O-Ring
Material CP2 Titanium