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Turbonetics "Evolution" 35mm Wastegate Kit - Universal (10780) - Ace Race Parts

Turbonetics "Evolution" 35mm Wastegate Kit - Universal (10780)

Brand: Turbonetics
$ 262.54

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As the result of extensive lab and track tasing, and careful re-engineering of the original, Turbonetics’ Evolution redefines performance for externally mounted boost control. Utilizing the latest technology in flow design and materials, the Evolution is made from an investment cast 304 stainless body (designed with computer flow analysis), “Nitronic 60” stainless steel one-piece valve, rolling type diaphragm and polished aluminum cap. The 35mm valve is unmatched in reliability, and outflows similar wastegates with larger sized valves. The 35mm external wastegate kit comes with:

* Wastegate assembly assembled with 9psi spring
* 1/8" NPT fitting
* 1/8" NPT fitting, 90 degrees
* 5/32" silicone vacuum hose
* Additional 5psi spring for fine-tuning
* Additional 7psi spring for fine-tuning
* Flange gasket
* Optional diaphragm shield

Spring Pressure 9psi (7psi & 5psi included)


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