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1-1/4" Schedule 40 Pipe Mild Steel - 1'-0" Length - Ace Race Parts

1-1/4" Schedule 40 Pipe Mild Steel - 1'-0" Length

Brand: Ace Race Parts
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Ace Race Parts Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe is the perfect solution for small and large turbo manifold applications and can withstand the punishment, vibration, and heat of a high horsepower street, drag, or track car. Our butt-weld pipe fittings, commonly referred to as Weld Fittings or Weld Els, are the fabricator's choice when fabricating turbo manifolds, dump tubes, and exhaust downpipes.

Mild Steel Pipe and Pipe Fittings (often referred to as "Weld Els") are an affordable solution for manufacturers and fabricators who are fabricating turbo manifolds. Mild steel, or carbon steel, pipe and weld els are on average about 35% cheaper than their 304L stainless steel counterparts, handle the thermal expansion of a turbo manifold well, and can be welded up with a simple MIG welder with ease. For fabricators who are looking to ceramic coat their turbo manifold, mild steel pipe and fittings are an economical choice with long-lasting durability.  


Pipe Size 1-1/4" (1.660")
Schedule 40 (0.140")
Inside Diameter 1.380"
Connection Type Plain End
Finish Mill Finish
ASTM Specification A53

What is Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)?

Often times people use words like "pipe", "piping", "tube", and "tubing" interchangeably and it can get pretty confusing. One area of the fabrication components industry where this terminology can cause some confusion is a term like "intercooler piping". By definition, that is the correct terminology to use; however, if you were looking to fabricate your own intercooler piping and you stumbled across our website, or another website, there might be some confusion during your search for the correct material if you click on the "pipe" category. We strive to make the search for finding the correct material as simple as possible with our website but often times there is confusion between "pipe" and "tube" and which type of material should be used for each job. Generally speaking, in the fabrication components world pipe is used for building turbo manifolds and tube is used for building intercooler piping and exhaust systems. 

Pipe size, or Nominal Pipe Size (NPS), is a North American industry designation, or "trade size", that was standardized by the American Standards Association. The use of the word "nominal" in the NPS designation refers to non-specific terms and identifies the diameter of the hole with a non-dimensional number[1]. For example, one of the most common pipe sizes to use when fabrication a turbo manifold is 1-1/2" Schedule 10; however, the approximate outside diameter (OD) of this material is 1.900" and the approximate inside diameter (ID) is 1.682". Based on those dimensions it's easy to see that even though the material is referred to as 1-1/2" pipe there isn't a single dimension that is actually 1.500". Due to the nominal sizing of pipe we never list or reference the material on our website as a decimal (e.g., 1.500") like we do with tube size material.

Below is a chart of standard pipe sizes ranging from 1/8" to 4".

What is Nominal Pipe Size? — Nominal Pipe Size Chart

Note: This Sch 40 pipe size material is only compatible with other pipe size material (pipe size weld els, tees, reducers, straight lengths, etc). Pipe size material is not compatible with stainless steel tube, tube fittings, or mandrel bends that are sized by the outside diameter.

Please be sure to verify that your selected Schedule 40 mild steel pipe size meets the requirements of your project. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the compatibility of the items in their shopping cart. Ace Race Parts is not responsible for orders with mismatched, or incompatible, products.



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