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Spearco Intercooler Core - (520 HP Capacity) - 24" x 6.52" x 3.50" - Ace Race Parts

Spearco Intercooler Core - (520 HP Capacity) - 24" x 6.52" x 3.50"

Brand: Turbonetics
$ 436.61

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W.A.V.E. Technology (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) is the ultimate combination in strength and efficiency of heat exchanger cores, specifically designed to maximize cooling by utilizing the most surface area possible in a given space. The Spearco W.A.V.E. core incorporates a complex network of highly effective vanes to regularly decrease temperatures by as much as 30º F over conventional tube n’ fin units.

In addition to their phenomenal cooling ability, W.A.V.E. Technology cores are manufactured to be nearly “BOMB PROOF.” Due to Spearco’s manufacturing process, these unique cores are capable of comfortably withstanding pressures in excess of 200+ psi. W.A.V.E. Technology heat exchanger cores set the standard for high-pressure forced-induction durability and cooling effectiveness. Whether you are a high performance enthusiast or a pro drag racer seeking the peace of mind to make the next round, the W.A.V.E. Technology intercoolers and radiators are for you.

Part Number Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Horsepower*
2-203 24  6.52 3.5 520

*Horsepower rating shown for normal operating conditions. 

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