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Turbosmart Race Port 50mm Blow Off Valve - Black - Ace Race Parts

Turbosmart Race Port 50mm Blow Off Valve - Black

Brand: Turbosmart
$ 276.74

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The Turbosmart 50mm BOV is the largest and the highest-flowing BOV in the Turbosmart range and has just been redesigned and now features our unique collar design. 46% lighter and 25% smaller than the product it replaces, the new Race Port provides greater performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears.


This 50mm blow-off valve is built for large capacity turbocharger systems and high horsepower engines producing up to 800+ horsepower. Ideal for circuit and drag vehicles and trucks.

Provided with all Turbosmart Model Specific BOVs:
Vacuum Fittings
Weld Flange
V-Band Assembly



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