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New Flex Bellow Sizes Available for Pre-Order

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304 Stainless Steel Flex Bellow - Ace Race Parts

Four new sizes of our 304 Stainless Steel Flex Bellows are now available for pre-order! All of our stainless steel flex bellows, including our four new sizes, are manufactured with a solid, directional stainless steel inner liner to help improve air flow without sacrificing flexibility. Flex bellows are a cost effective solution for adding flexibility to turbo manifolds, especially for wastegate dump tubes, and downpipes. 

Our four new flex bellow sizes (1.500" ID, 1.875" ID, 2.000" ID, 4.000" ID) will be ready to ship on August 1st, 2016. For all questions about pre-orders, or orders containing pre-order items, please contact us at 844-ACE-RACE.

Below is a table of the current sizes, material types, and availability for our Stainless Steel Flex Bellows:

 Size (Inside Diameter x Overall Length) Solid Inner Liner Material(s) Availability
1.500" ID x 2.500" Long 
Yes 304 Stainless* Pre-Order
1.750" ID x 2.500" Long
Yes 304 Stainless / 321 Stainless In Stock
1.875" ID x 2.500" Long
Yes 304 Stainless* Pre-Order
2.000" ID x 2.500" Long
Yes 304 Stainless* Pre-Order
3.000" ID x 4.000" Long
Yes 304 Stainless / 321 Stainless In Stock
4.000" ID x 4.000" Long
Yes 304 Stainless* Pre-Order

*: 321 Stainless Steel will be available in the Q4 2016

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