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Due to a recent snow storm Ace Race Parts will be closed Monday February 11th, 2019

Due to a recent and relatively unprecedented snow storm that arrived late Friday (February 8th) afternoon and has shown no signs of letting up Ace Race Parts will be closed on Monday February 11th, 2019. We apologize for the delays and intend to start shipping orders on Tuesday February 12th, 2019. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

While Olympia, and other areas around the Puget Sound, experience snowfall in the winter it is relatively low in volume. Due to the limited amount of annual snowfall the number of available snowplows in the area is currently inadequate for the snowfall we've received. With the recent and persistent storm we have accumulated nearly 12" of snow with another 4"-8" due between now and Monday evening. With overnight lows reaching 10°F Saturday night we've also experienced a significant amount of ice on the roadways which has impacted travel significantly in the area. We will make every effort, while keeping safety as a priority, to begin shipping orders out on Tuesday February 12th, 2019. We greatly appreciate your business and sincerely apologize for the transit delays!

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